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Artist Roman Romulen (Rakhmatulin) was born in 1986 in St. Petersburg into a military family. His family often moved, and Roman spent his childhood in the steppes of Kazakhstan by the Baikonur cosmodrome next to the launch sites of Soviet spacecraft, to which his first works were dedicated. In the 90s, his family moved to Moscow. There Roman graduated from the Architectural College and Moscow Architectural Institute. He then started his career working on architectural and interior projects. In 2011, Roman devoted himself entirely to painting as a purer and more individualistic art form, where the final result depends only on the author himself.

 Friends and admirers of the artist say that he is a citizen of the world. On this new path, Roman travels a lot across Russia, India, Europe, Great Britain, the United States. On each trip he creates art that conveys not only what he sees, but also his feelings, the energy of places, events, and situations. He makes six-month trips to New York in 2013 and 2016, where he lives, works, creates new canvases, communicates with American artists and citizens, and participates in solo and group exhibitions.

Roman's work is the quintessence of several directions in art, both in technique and in content: the artist's initial gravitation towards an impressionistic manner, pure colors, and a dynamic composition was later enriched with the energy of non-objective art styles of New York, superimposed on the academic basis of classical architectural drawing, which Roman studied at the university.

 The artist describes his life as a constant flow of light, color, images, emotions, places, and events that resonate in his canvases: be it memorable journeys across the world or the adoption of a puppy from a shelter (this puppy has since become a part of the artist's creative language in the Blue Dog series). 

Being in tune with the diversity of the surrounding world, the artist cannot limit himself to one genre and believes that creative flight gives freedom to the experiment of doing both abstract paintings and quick sketches, paintings made with dynamic strokes, and detailed canvases with a fabulous, somewhat surrealistic plot. Every single work, however, goes through the artistist’s heart first.

 Roman says: "My abstract paintings would be impossible without my experience in New York, where everything is saturated with expressive non-objective art, experiments with techniques and materials. It’s impossible to paint landscapes without travelling and experiencing them in person. Landscape for me is primarily a direct contact with nature. Most of these works are created outdoors, often in extreme conditions: in the scorching sun, on sharp rocks, or in severe Russian frost.

“The urban themes are also very personal. There are two main cities in the paintings: New York and Moscow, where I personally lived and worked as an adult. This in no way excludes my love and joy of perception of other places. For example, Venice is depicted only in a few of my works because I only spent a few days in this beautiful city.

“Animalism is perhaps the only genre where I use images that I have not personally interacted with. Animals inspire me with their purity of perception, which is demonstrated in my paintings first as the signs of conscious life arise in the eyes of each depicted creature, and then as the expression is elaborated through the movement of brushstroke, color, and light. I never get hung up on realism as I only transfer to the canvas those feelings and energy that I get from the image in my mind.

“In these thematic, fabulous, somewhat surrealistic paintings, I am inspired by all other genres: landscapes create a background (my places of power that left an impression in childhood or equal in strength of perception in adult life), colors and forms of abstraction - the atmosphere and basis of the composition, life and the expression of animalism and portraits - bring characters to life. I can't say that all the plot works are connected by one meaning, rather they are connected by one creative language, they can be called illustrations for fairy tales that have not yet been written. At the same time, the same lightness permeates both abstract works and paintings with a multifaceted plot. 

“If in the history of art starting from the Renaissance artistic expression went from the realistic to the abstract and from the objective to the non-objective, in my work, ironically, the reverse is true. In my paintings, there is no manifesto or pathos, for I do not try to come up with something new: if it happens, it is by accident. I just create what I feel and how I feel; I create how I breathe. "

 Roman Rakhmatulin's paintings are in private collections in Australia, India, Italy, China, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, USA, France, South Korea, and Japan.

 In 2020, the artist's works were accepted into the collection of the State Art Museum of the city of Tula, one of the largest in the country, where such masters of the past as V.V. Kandinsky, K.S. Malevich, K.S. Petrov-Vodkin, I.K. Aivazovsky,. I. Shishkin, I. I. Levitan, V. A. Serov, K.A. Korovin, B.M. Kustodiev, Klaes Molenaer, and Jacob Duck among others. 

 Roman equally devotes time both to collaborating with museums and galleries and magazines, as well as organizing exhibitions at informal sites (art cafes and clubs) or working with charitable organizations (placing his paintings in children's hospitals or oncological centers so that the power of art gives people support during hard times).



 2021 January 18-22 Participation in the Art-investment auction.

 2020 December 1 - January 15, 2021 Solo show "My Moscow". Hotel Sretenskaya. Moscow st. Sretenka, 15.

 2020 December 15 - January 20 Solo show "Winter Moscow" Alliance-ART Gallery. Moscow. Davydkovskaya street, 3с1.

 2020 September 21 Transfer of three paintings to the collection of the State Art Museum of the city of Tula. Tula. st. Friedrich Engels, 64.

 2019 November 25 Joining the Creative Union of Artists of Russia (INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF ARTISTS)

 2019 June 1 - August 1 Solo show "Safari". Hotel Imperial

 2019 December - March Solo show "Arbat etudes". Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation Moscow. Strastnoy blvd., 10.

 2019 December - February 2020 Solo show "Animalistics". Moscow. st. Rozhdestvenka 5 / 7s2.

 2019 October 10 Publication of the article “The Artist Roman Romulen” 6 pages, in the Desert Report magazine (circulation 45,000 pieces).

 2019 February - March Solo show "Art without Borders" Club "Scenario". Moscow, Tverskaya st., 22 A

 2019 March - April Solo show "Etudes". Moscow. Pyatnitskaya st., 56, building 1

 2018 February  Group exhibition, Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center, Art Nest gallery. Moscow. 5th Luchevoy Prosek, 7, bldg. 1

 2018 March Participation in the exhibition "LANDSCAPE EXPO" Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center, gallery "Art Nest". Moscow. 5th Luchevoy Prosek, 7, bldg. 1

 2017 July Group exhibition as part of the Art in the Interior festival. Moscow. Nakhimovsky prospect, 24.

 2017 July - December Exposition of works in the Art-Nest gallery. Moscow. Izmailovskoe sh., 71k4G-D.

 2017 May Group exhibition "Golden Ring of Russia - 50th Anniversary" Central Exhibition Hall Manege. Moscow, Manezhnaya Square, 1.

 2017 December Group charity exhibition "BONA MANTE". Wise Art Galler. Moscow, Novospassky lane, 7A, p. 4.

 2017 February - March Solo show "Nature of Crimea". Moscow, Pyatnitskaya st., 66, building 1.

 2016 October - November Solo show at Chromatic Coffee in San Jose, California. 460 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, California 95126

2016 May - June Solo Exhibition "Anna and the Blue Dog" at Ward-Nasse Art Gallery, 178 Prince Street, New York City      

 2016 April 14-17 Artexpo New York 2016 APRIL 14–17 (Pier 94 New York, NY 10019-5399)

 2015 August - October Solo show "Blue Dog", IBS, Moscow, Skladochnaya st., 3, p. 1.

 2015.17 April Together with the Life Line Foundation, a charitable donation of a series of paintings "The Blue Dog's Journey" to the permanent exhibition for the V.F. Voino-Yasenetsky. Moscow, st. Aviators, 38.

 2015 May - June Solo show "The Blue Dog moves towards the sun", Moscow, Obraztsova st., 22.

 2014 November 12-29 Solo show "Dreams of the Blue Dog", TNK-Art Gallery, Moscow, Dolgorukovskaya st., 6.

 2014  September - October Exhibition "Artists of the South of Russia", Manor of the Duma clerk Avery Kirill, Moscow, Bersenevskaya embankment 20.

2014 August Solo show "Flight of the Blue Dog", Moscow, Lubyansky proezd 19.

 2014 June - July Solo show "My Moscow", Moscow, Obraztsova st., 22.

 2014 June - July "Blue Dog in New York", Moscow, Ostozhenka st., 3/14.        

 2014 April - June Solo show "Light, color and tango" TIR club, Moscow, Leninsky prospect 6/7.

 2013 October “Group Show Fall in New York 2013" at Ward-Nasse Art Gallery, Prince Street 178 New York City

 2013 June - August "Blue Dog in New York" at Ward-Nasse Art Gallery, Prince Street 178 New York City

 2013 May - 10 June Solo show "Crash in a dream" 221 North 4th Ave. Williamsburg, New York. 

 2013 April - May Solo show "The Dog and the Lantern" 112 Berry street. Williamsburg, New York.

 2013 March - March Brooklyn Artists Manetamed Gallery. 41 Havemeyer St. Brooklyn NY 11211.

Solo exhibition in gallery in TNK-art gallery. Moscow Roman Romulen and Harry Nasse. Solo exhibition in Ward-Nasse Art Gallery, New York City Solo Exhibition in art-club TIR. Moscow
Plein air in Central Park. New York Plein Air in Brooklyn Real name of Blue Dog - Chernish