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Roman Rakhmatulin :: ABOUT

Roman Romulen (Rakhmatulin) was born in 1986 in the USSR in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) in the family of a military officer. Family moved frequently and his early childhood passed in Baikonur - military town in which spaceships were launched in the steppes of Kazakhstan.

In 2005 he graduates Moscow Architectural College (MKAMS) and in 2010 the Moscow Architectural Academy (MARCHI). Worked in the sphere of private designing of house interiors, apartments, shopping malls and business centers, offices. Throughout his life, he has been interested in painting, but only in late 2011 chose the path of the artist as the main way of his life.

His creativity is quite diverse, this is incarnation of emotions and impressions from his trip to America, India and the vast expanses of Russia, this is cityscapes of Moscow and New York, the two cities where the majority of the artist creations were made. And free stories, impressions and expressing the author's relationship to the world. You can select few topics, typical to the artist's brush: these are the love to the sun, forever settled in the mind of the author thanks to his childhood in the steppe region, the love to the world, the bright lights of the cities of Moscow and New York, who came to Roman only in his adult life, in spite of the contradictory attitude to the megacities. And the love to life, often expressed through the image of a blue dog (a real dog of the artist, who grew up on the street, but with this typical feature of an animal loves everything around, loves all the people, and is only afraid of loneliness and shots). In an effort to absorb all the beauty of the world philosophical image of a dog eats the sun in the paintings, eats apples, but is harmless to all living creatures. Each painting has its own connotations and background, but there are some common symbols and philosophy that unites all the works. The artist uses pure colors and often naive images. The artist himself says that he would never return to academicism of architecture school.

"When you transfer you something on the canvas, you can not love it, you may like or do not like your picture as a result, but in the process can not feel negative emotions to an object image, only love."

The past and future exhibitions of Roman in Russia and the USA can be found in the "News".


Solo exhibition in gallery in TNK-art gallery. Moscow Roman Romulen and Harry Nasse. Solo exhibition in Ward-Nasse Art Gallery, New York City Solo Exhibition in art-club TIR. Moscow
Plein air in Central Park. New York Plein Air in Brooklyn Real name of Blue Dog - Chernish