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Roman Rakhmatulin :: NEWS :: Roman Rahmatulinís Exhibition of paintings in Deacon Avery Kirillovís Barton, Bersenevskaya nab., 20.
Roman Rahmatulin’s Exhibition of paintings in Deacon Avery Kirillov’s  Barton, Bersenevskaya nab., 20. 
This is the group Exhibition which has been organized jointly with the International Union Crafts and Gallery "Stern" ("Artists of the south of Russia"). The Exhibition includes recent works from the series "Dreams of Blue Dog" and part of the series "My Moscow" and will be held from the 11th September  to the 20th October  in the dungeons of  Deacon Avery Kirillov’s  Barton in Moscow (they have been opened to the public recently). Adress: Bersenevskaya nab., 20 in The Russian Research Institute of Cultural and Natural Heritage by Likhachev. 
Opening hours: from 11:00 to 20:00 every day. Admission is free. 
The project "Year of Russian Culture in 2014." 
tel. 8(495)9726965